• Maytag 29" Electric Dryer with 7.0 cu. ft. Capacity
    7.0 cubic feet of drying space can effectively dry the largest of laundry loads, and the extra interior drum fin with this Maytag dryer helps drying efficiency by shuffling laundry even more throughout the drum during the drying cycle. The IntelliDry advanced moisture sensor monitors temperatures and moisture levels and will stop the drying cycle once all is dry. The plumbed steam feature of this dryer is great for tackling wrinkles during the drying cycle, sprucing up clothes before wearing, and reducing static cling. End-of-cycle sound levels are adjustable, and the newly designed lint screen is easy to clear out. The dryer has visual indicators for when it''s time to clear the lint screen, and also for cycle status and time.
  • Features

    IntelliDry Sensor
    • The dryer keeps an eye on moisture levels to automatically stop the cycle when clothes are dry
    Advanced Moisture Sensing
    • Advanced Moisture Sensing uses sensor strips to measure moisture levels and temperatures, delivering even results every time, even with large loads
    Rapid Dry Cycle
    • Get small loads or garments dry in a jiffy with the Rapid Dry cycle
    Steam Refresh Cycle
    • The Steam Refresh cycle helps relax wrinkles and reduce odors without rewashing
    Wrinkle Prevent Option with Steam
    • With the Wrinkle Prevent option, the dryer continues to tumble after the cycle has ended. It''s a no-heat way to help prevent wrinkles from setting in
    Direct Y-Connector Water Hook-Up
    • A Y-connector delivers water from the cold water inlet directly to the dryer. It eliminates the need to fill a reservoir in dryers that feature steam-enhanced cycles
    Extra-Large Capacity to Evenly Dry Your Largest Loads
    • The extra-large capacity provides enough space to evenly dry large loads straight from the washer
    Extra Interior Fin
    • An extra interior fin creates a random tumbling pattern and keeps clothes moving in the dryer
    Static Reduce Option
    • Steam is introduced at the end of the cycle to help reduce static cling in the load
    Sanitize Cycle
    • The Sanitize cycle removes up to 99.9% of three common household bacteria (S. aureus, P. aeruginosa and K. pneumoniae)
    Airflow Monitor
    • The Airflow Monitor provides a visual display to help ensure optimal drying and energy efficiency
    Audio Level Option
    • Whether down the hall or in another room, the dryer has adjustable end-of-cycle sound levels
    Improved Lint Screen
    • One simple swipe of the hand clears out the the lint screen
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MSRP: $849.00
Our Price: $539.99