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This induction cooktop offers precise temperature control and heats up more quickly than a traditional gas or electric cooktop. Energy transfers heat directly to cookware, turning it into the heat source, while the surface remains cool to the touch. This cooktop pairs beautifully with appliances in our Euro Style suite.

Industry’s Most Powerful Induction Element1Our newest induction cooktops feature the industry’s most powerful induction element1, delivery fast & consistent results.
Induction TechnologyCooks like gas, looks like electric, outperforms both. By converting cookware into the heat source, induction technology gives you fast, efficient and outstanding cooking power.
Sensor Boil FunctionThis intuitive option selects the optimal power level to quickly bring water to a boil, beeps when it reaches the boiling point, then adjusts the power level to minimize the possibility of boiling over.
Additional Features

  • Keep Warm™ FunctionOne of the Low Settings, each element features a Keep Warm™ Function which may be used to keep cooked food or delicate sauces warm until you're ready to serve. Having the function available on each element allows you to cook and warm food on the same element.
  • Five Element TimersSeparate timers for each element allows you to easily time several dishes at once.
  • Five Induction ElementsFive induction elements, in a variety of sizes to match cookware, generate heat directly into the cookware while keeping the surface cool.
  • Performance BoostQuickly heat cookware, boil liquids and sear meats by raising the cooking temperature above the highest setting for up to 10 minutes, available on all induction elements.
  • Pan DetectionA sensor detects your cookware before enabling an element. When it is removed, the element automatically switches off.
  • Touch-Activated Controls with Power SliderThese controls are activated by the simple movement of a finger sliding across the sensitized surface.
  • Simmer FunctionThis convenient Simmer Function provides the low, steady heat required for simmering sauces and soups.
  • Melt FunctionAvailable on all five elements, this function allows you to cook at minimal power, ideal for cooking delicate sauces or melting chocolate or butter.
  • One-Touch Off FeatureThis feature allows you to quickly turn off the cooktop with a single touch. A tone sounds to confirm that the element has been turned off.
  • Built-In Oven CompatibleThis luxury induction cooktop can be installed over a single built-in wall oven, offering additional design flexibility.
  • (1) Among induction cooktops.

Price: $2,099.00
Price: $1,329.99


36" Induction Cooktop with 5 Elements, 2 Bridge Elements, Performance Boosts, Simmer Functions, 12 Heat-Level Settings and Minute Timer: Stainless Steel


  • Induction Technology
  • Induction technology generates heat directly in magnetic cookware, making it the heat source instead of a burner or element.
  • This provides precise, responsive heating and cooling similar to a gas cooktop with a smooth ceramic glass surface that allows for effortless cleanup.
  • 5 Elements
  • Available at AJ Madison.
  • 12"/9" 4,800-/2,500-Watt (34.5K/18K BTU) Dual Zone Element
  • Four 7" 2,500-Watt (18K BTU) Elements
  • Two Bridge Elements
  • Bridge element combines two 7" elements, so you can cook with griddles, grills, or roasting pans.
  • Performance Boost Function On All Elements
  • Performance boost function allows the temperature to exceed the maximum setting to quickly achieve a rapid boil.
  • Simmer Function On All Elements
  • Simmer function automatically selects a low power level to help maintain a constant simmer.
  • Melt and Hold Function On All Elements
  • Melt and Hold function lets you set an element to low cooking power to melt and hold delicate ingredients without burning.
  • Touch-Activated Cooktop Controls with Power Slider
  • Touch-activated controls integrate seamlessly into the surface and include a slider for heat-level selection.
  • Pan Size Detection On All Elements
  • Pan size detection eliminates the guesswork of pan selection by sounding an alert if an unsuitable size is chosen.
  • Timer
  • The timer may be used to monitor time-sensitive cooking processes or as an extra kitchen timer.
  • 12 Heat-Level Settings
  • "On" Indicator Light
  • Cooktop Power Off Function
  • Hot-Surface Indicators
  • Control Lock Function
  • Control lock function prevents accidental or unwanted use of the cooktop to make cleaning easier.

Price: $2,099.00
Price: $1,329.99