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Samsung Front-Load Electric Dryer with Multi-Steam™ Technology
This front-load dryer from Samsung uses the power of Multi-Steam™ technology to eliminate stains, odors and wrinkles. Plus, with ten preset dry cycles, four temperature settings and four dry levels, you can always choose just the right cycle for any type of laundry item. Cycle selections include Refresh, Wrinkle Away, Normal, Heavy Duty, Permanent Press, Bedding, Delicates, Sanitize, Time Dry and Quick Dry. The special Wrinkle Prevent option ensures your clothing leaves the dryer wrinkle-free and ready to wear, while the Anti-Static option makes zapped fingers a thing of the past. With Sensor Dry technology, you’ll never have to worry about underdried or overdried clothes ever again. Sensor Dry senses the needs of each individual load and sets the optimum temperature and drying time accordingly. Samsung’s convenient Smart Care technology allows you to diagnose problems with your washer right from your smartphone rather than having to flip through the manual. And, this dryer is ENERGY STAR® certified, meaning it’s both environmental and economical.


Width27 Inch
Depth:32 Inch
Height:38 3/4 Inch
Capacity:7.5 Cu. Ft
Multi-Steam™ Technology
  • For above-and-beyond clothing care; steam technology gives your dryer even more fight against stains, odors and wrinkles.
Wrinkle Prevent Option
  • Ensures that your clothes leave the dryer wrinkle free and ready to wear.
Sensor Dry
  • Sensor drying technology senses the needs of each individual load. By detecting moisture levels inside the drum, the dryer can automatically set the ideal temperature and running time. The result: no more overdried or underdried laundry.
10 Dry Cycles
  • Refresh, Wrinkle Away, Normal, Heavy Duty, Permanent Press, Bedding, Delicates, Sanitize, Time Dry and Quick Dry
12 Options
  • Mixed Load Bell, Wrinkle Prevent, Anti-Static, Small Load Care, My Cycle, Adjust Time (up), Adjust Time (down), Eco Dry, Sound, Child Lock, Smart Care and Drum Light
My Cycle Option
  • Remembers a selected cycle, temperature, spin speed and soil level combination and saves it for future use.
Smart Care
  • Smart Care Samsung appliances allow you to troubleshoot potential problems with your appliance without having to consult the heavy manual.
  • With the Smart Care app, you can simply point your smartphone at the control panel and it will interpret the error code and tell you the necessary steps for troubleshooting.
See-Through Reversible Door
  • A see-through door makes it easy to monitor your load in the dryer. It can also be reversed for more installation flexibility, or to accommodate left-handed users.
Eco Dry
  • Uses up to 25% less energy for each load.


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