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48 Inch Smart Dual Fuel Professional Range with WiFi Connect
This 48″ Dual Fuel Professional Range from JennAir™ offers precise, dual flames produced by precision-drilled brass burners on the cooktop. Inside the oven cavity, steady heat weaves around each flat tine to cook food to perfection. From searing select cuts and simmering sauces to baking succulent roasts, JennAir™ ranges offer unmistakable firepower.


Width: 47 7/8 Inch
Depth: 29 13/16 Inch
Height: 36 Inch
WiFi Connect
  • WiFi Connect appliances deliver real, everyday convenience for real, everyday moments. Stay informed about what your appliances are doing wherever you are.
Smart Integration
  • Connect to WiFi for real-time notifications and control your appliance from anywhere on both iOS and Android devices.
Remote Control
  • Use your smart device as a remote control to control appliance functions, whether you’re home, in the office, or on the road.
Remote Monitoring
  • Keep track of what’s in the fridge from your grocer’s aisle, how much time is left on that roast in the oven, or if it’s time to add the next load of laundry right from your smart device. Remote Monitoring will always keep you in the know
Remote diagnostics
  • No longer will you have to wait days for a service technician to diagnose an appliance issue. Remote Diagnostics allows certified technicians to access your appliance and start troubleshooting immediately.
Amazon Alexa
  • Control compatible smart appliances with Amazon Alexa. Simply speak your commands and Alexa will do the work for you.
Google Home
  • Control compatible smart appliances with Google Home. Simply speak your commands and your Google Home will do the task for you.
  • Integrate your Nest products with your connected appliances to give you peace of mind. Keep an eye on your appliances while you’re away, receive a notification if your oven is still running, or turn off your appliances remotely.
JennAir® Culinary Center
  • With step-by-step support, savor the full culinary experience backed by customized algorithms, featuring full-color food photography, doneness levels, pan types and menu-specific tips.
Chrome-Infused Griddle
  • Infused with chrome, the griddle cleans up well after heavy usage.
CustomClean™ with Automatic Lock
  • Tailor cleaning levels to the amount of build-up to revive your oven’s interior.
Cinematic Lighting
  • Halogen lighting increases to full intensity, minimizing shadows and dramatically showcasing food.
Dual-Fan True Convection
  • Steady heat, circulated by whirling metal blades, weaves around every flat tine. Beyond baking, wield your cooking prowess with the help of the culinary center through the app, from marbled meats to succulent roasts.
Flat Tine Glide Racks
  • Each rack features dramatic, unexpected flat tines, delivering increased contact with cookware for exceptional heat transfer. Each rack glides in and out fluidly and quietly.
Connected Temperature Probe
  • Know when dinner is done without ever opening the door. Precision readings of food’s internal temperature are sent directly to the app.
Smooth Close Door
  • Quiet, soft, secure. Your oven gently pulls the door closed.
Sabbath Mode
  • Select this function to bypass the oven’s automatic shutoff when observing the Sabbath and other religious holidays.
Closed Door Broiling
  • High, even heat with outstanding ventilation means you can sear fearlessly.
Halo-Effect Knobs
  • A halo of luminary LEDs glows softly when the burner is lit or the oven is on.
Dual-Stacked PowerBurners
  • Two stacked, symmetrical flames bloom and retreat at your inclination, offering total control over heat levels. From high-heat searing and wok cooking to low, slow simmer and melt, you have infinite intermediate settings to satisfy every appetite.
Electronic Ignition with Flame-Sensing™ Re-ignition
  • If a sudden draft blows out a flame, intelligent Flame-Sensing™ reignition automatically sparks it back to life.


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