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27 Inch Top Load Smart Washer with 5.2 Cu. Ft. Capacity
Maytag’s 27 Inch Top Load Smart Washer with 5.2 Cu. Ft. Capacity prides itself as a washer that provides the most powerful cleaning in its class with the use of its remarkable Heavy Duty cycle. An Extra Power button helps you remove stubborn stains through dual-temperature washing. Certain materials just tend to retain wrinkles a lot easier than others, but Maytag washes away those worries away with the dirt too with the Wrinkle Control cycle. The cycle uses the combination of warm water and low spin speeds to help prevent wrinkles. Get a connected subscription to be able to access its optional smart features, so that you can control your laundry remotely through WiFi or voice command.


Width: 27 1/4 Inch
Depth: 27 7/8 Inch
Height: 42 7/8 Inch
Capacity: 5.2 Cu. Ft.
5.2 Cu. Ft. Capacity
  • Tackle your largest loads with 5.2 cu. ft. capacity, enough space to wash 25 towels at once.
Advanced Vibration Control™
  • The powerful shock absorbers and springs of Advanced Vibration Control™ reduce vibration to help keep disruptive noise to a minimum, load after load.
Power™ Agitator
  • The Power™ agitator tackles any load size with both efficient and concentrated cleaning to fight stubborn stains and robust wash action to help break up messes.
13 Wash Cycles
  • 13 wash cycles to choose from.
Heavy Duty Cycle
  • Most Powerful Cleaning in its class driven by the Heavy Duty cycle with Extra Power button, based on cleaning score of 16-lb load, among leading top load brands, 5.0-5.4 cu. ft. capacity agitator washers, vs. comparable cycles.
Extra Power Button
  • The Extra Power button boosts stain-fighting performance on any wash cycle with a dual-temperature wash, eliminating stains that dissolve best in hot water as well as those in cold.
Clean Washer with affresh® cycle
  • Run the affresh® cycle every 30 washes with an affresh® washing machine cleaner tablet or liquid chlorine bleach to thoroughly clean the inside of your washer.
Built-in Water Faucet
  • The built-in water faucet is engineered for the extra dirty. Use it to rinse away loose soils as clothes go in or fill the tub for up to a three-hour soak before the cycle begins. Delay the start of the wash cycle to take loads straight from soaking to wa
Auto Sensing
  • Auto Sensing adjusts the water level for each load to provide efficient cleaning.
Wrinkle Control Cycle
  • The Wrinkle Control cycle is specially designed to help prevent wrinkles with warm water and low spin speeds.
Cycle Memory
  • Customize each cycle the way you want with Cycle Memory, which stores your last setting choices and then applies those options the next time you use that cycle.
Maytag MED7230HW
27 Inch Electric Smart Dryer with 7.4 Cu. Ft. Capacity, Extra Power Button, Advanced Moisture Sensing, Steam-Enhanced Cycles, Wrinkle Prevent Option, Wrinkle Control Cycle, and ENERGY STAR® Certified: White
tackable: No
Width: 27 Inch
Depth: 29 7/8 Inch
Height: 43 1/8 Inch
Capacity: 7.4 Cu. Ft.
WiFi: Yes
Steam Cycle: Yes
Wrinkle Care: Yes
Sensor Dry: Yes
Reversible Door: No
Venting Type: Vented


7.4 Cu. Ft. Capacity
  • Dries extra-large loads with spacious 7.4 cu. ft. capacity.
Extra Power Button
  • The Extra Power button boosts drying power on any cycle by extending time, heat and tumbling. One push helps prevent underdrying by getting thick fabrics, pockets and seams drier the first time.
Advanced Moisture Sensing
  • Advanced Moisture Sensing uses multiple sensors to monitor inside moisture and air temperatures to help evenly dry loads.
Steam-Enhanced Dryer
  • These dryers use steam to help prevent wrinkles so your clothes come out looking their best. Look for steam-enhanced cycles and options to help prevent wrinkles, refresh clothes and reduce static.
Wrinkle Prevent Option with Steam
  • With the Wrinkle Prevent option with Steam, the dryer tumbles your clothes with steam for up to 150 minutes after the cycle has ended to keep wrinkles at bay.
Wrinkle Control Cycle
  • The Wrinkle Control cycle uses lower temperatures and defaults to using the Wrinkle Prevent option to help minimize wrinkles.
Other Features
  • ENERGY STAR® Certified
  • Quick Dry cycle
  • Reduce Static Option
  • Steam Refresh Cycle
  • Sanitize Cycle
  • Heavy-duty hinges
  • Hamper door
  • 10-year limited parts warranty (drive motor and drum)
Optional Smart Features
  • Remote start
  • Cycle notifications
  • Remote troubleshooting
  • Smart tips
  • Assign a task
  • Cycle history


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